The missed fault line on extension ladders ? That heart stopping moment when the foot doesn’t fully connect on that single rung. THE RUNGBUDDY SAFETY RUNG giving a far safer angle of descent, no more “foot forward” on that first rung down, fully adjustable to all shaped rungs USING our UNIQUE REVERSE SCREW CLAMPING ACTION WHICH MOVES TO ADJUST TO THE SHAPE AND POSITION OF LADDER RUNGS.

Removing that Slip Risk..........THE UNIVERSAL SAFETY RUNG

“ A 45 year old roofing worker died of injuries sustained when he fell 15ft from an aluminium extension ladder. The victim had just finished work for the day and was climbing down the ladder. The victim lost his balance just after the juncture of the two ladder sections....where the rung placement changed......” MN FACE Investigation 98MNO 1301

Scenario:  Foot leaves the last “two rungs” on upper section of extension ladder, with at least half of the foot being in contact with those two rungs…..but the next step down is now a single rung….the foot moves down expecting to land on two rungs….the angle of descent stays the same, so only the front toe section lands on that inverted single rung. UNLESS the foot moves forward to allow the same area of foot contact………you may say that the foot  automatically does that…..well yes, if you know that the single inverted rung is about to arrive, maybe by glancing down? Maybe by remembering where it is?  But if you are not expecting half of your foot landing to suddenly disappear, then however anti slip that rung is, the weight of downward movement at that point is transferred to the rear of the foot.


This is the Worlds first patented (at PCT stage) Transition Safety Rung for Extension Ladders, available to order now direct from the manufacturers. Free delivery in UK, for other countries please ask for carriage quote, contact:
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