Automatically adjusts to overall ladder widths up to a max. of 48cms Press button operated.. Releases side arms to take varying widths Reverse screw components in Stainless Steel ... Rust free. Can be fully disassembled......By simply removing locking screws Another unique design by Rungbuddy Limited.
Our reverse screw clamp, is designed in such a way that when tightened or released the toggle bar stays in one position, it does not protrude, its non-slip heavy duty rubberised pressure pad able to fit any shaped rung on any ladder, even where the rung is at varying positions within the width of the stiles.... Unlike other stand on work platforms which are loose fitting, Rungbuddy Safety units are all clamped using this unique device.

Available in Anodised Blue or Aluminium

£75.00 inclusive of vat, plus free carriage UK.... For full details on carriage to other world wide destinations contact us at: info@rungbuddy.com
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